Channel Islands Kayak/Camp - Santa Cruz Scorpion Anchorage! Friday, August 02, 2019 7:00 AM

Lazy Ass Hiking

Set sail with Lazy Ass Hiking!

We have a couple of group sites booked out on Santa Cruz Island! We will take the boat from Ventura Friday morning and return Sunday afternoon. While on the island we will venture out to explore some of the many hiking trails.

*** NOTE: we have up to 24 spots available on this trip. You will be moved from Waitlist to Going when you send payment for camp/boat/kayak fees to [masked]. VENMO or PAYPAL please. Select option to send to a friend so I do not have to pay fees. Send $175 to secure your spot. No refunds, sorry. ***

We will reserve a spot on the boat from Ventura for you. ***

Some of the best ocean kayaking anywhere is off the coast of Santa Cruz Island. We will be bringing tandem kayaks (two people per kayak). ***

You will be on the 8 am boat Friday morning. Your kayak will return without you on last boat Saturday afternoon. ***

What you will need for a great trip:
* Food for your time on the island. (no store or restaurant)
* Water container to get water to your campsite
* Kitchen utensils and a camp stove (No campfires are permitted)
* A tent and sleeping bag
* Warm clothes for the cool evenings that can occur year round.
* Two pairs of shoes (wet & dry) if you plan on getting in the ocean.

Note that it can be very windy on the island, so if you have a low-profile tent, that is your best choice. And the hike from the pier to camp will be just under 1 mile, so you will want to pack on the lighter side if you can.

What to bring
Food, water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray, tent/sleeping bag, extra shoes/socks.

Important to know
* $175 Venmo/PayPal to [masked] to reserve your spot.

Waiver of Liability/Disclaimer: Please read before signing up for this event.

These organizers are not professional hikers or trained leaders and are not medically trained to handle emergencies. Please carry a personal medical emergency kit and any medications you need. Hiking is an inherently dangerous activity that can lead to serious injuries including but not limited to slip and fall injuries, fractures, rattlesnake bite, heat exhaustion, poison oak, ticks, and frostbite. By participation in this event/hike you agree to not hold these organizers liable for any harm that may come to you, your guests, or your property. Always remember to let the event organizer know if you are leaving the group. Stay on the trail, never hike alone and use your own common sense.

Attending: 22

Santa Cruz Scorpion Anchorage Campground Potato Harbor Road Venturaca  93001