Salsa Essentials 3-Hour Workshop Sunday, December 02, 2018 2:00 PM

Dance and Rhythm Addicts of Rancho Cucamonga

RhythmAddict's proven method of teaching Beginning Salsa, normally a 4-week series, all in just one day. Offered every other month (scheduled as Salsa 2 restarts to allow for those wishing to test to start at the beginning of Salsa 2), get in just 3 hours everything that we cover in Salsa 1 classes during the week.
If you've ever wanted a crash course in everything we teach in Salsa 1, here's your chance!
$25 Super Early Bird: 11/1-11/17
$35 Early Bird: 11/18-12/1
$45 Regular: 12/2

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Attending: 4

Rhythm Addict Dance Studio 10373 Trademark Street Ste E Rancho CucamongaCA  91730