Bikers Exclusive Yacht Party 2019 (Pre-RSVP Count) Saturday, June 15, 2019 4:00 PM

Anything 2 Wheels Motor Bike Squad LA

**UPDATE** #1
- The event time will be in the evening. The Captain recommended 5pm-9pm for our type of event. Also, there is no option to go swimming (in harbor). And it'll be really hot in afternoon during June.
- Parking cost has been updated = $10

Rider Family - The time is coming for us to gather in the upcoming summer of 2019 - Will you be joining us?
This is the Pre-RSVP Count to get an (accurate) idea of people interested and available to have the best Summer Yacht Party Ever!
I will try to be as detailed and informative as possible, so HERE WE GO:

Yacht Details:
This is a[masked]' Luxury Yacht. With a (comfortable) capacity of up to 120 'Bike Riders.' It has a Baby Grand Piano, Dance Floor, Digital Heating, Sound System - and that's just the basics... This is gonna be a night to remember (depending on how much alcohol y'all can down).
To make it extra fun - I am ordering the following options:
1. Standard Open Bar (4 hours) with 2 Bartenders
2. Buffet Catering with not just 1, but 2 Main Entree's Per Person
3. Three Trays of Passed Appetizers
4. Five servers for exceptional service & attention
5. Professional on-Deck DJ

This is gonna be scheduled for Saturday June 15, 2019.
Start time 4:15PM. The pre-boarding will happen at 4:45PM. Departure at 5PM.
The actual time on Yacht will be 4.5 hours. (15min pre-boarding time + 4 hours in Harbor + 15min off-boarding time).
It will end no later than 10PM.

Location: TBD, but will be either in Marina Del Ray or Newport (depending on Vessel location/availability).

Price: This is gonna be dependent on how many people we have - if we have 80 people, 100, or 120. (This rental is not cheap and the add-ons, to say the obvious, add up the price tag). We are currently looking at between $225 - $250/person with all options noted above. I can try to see if we can go a little lower (possibly making reductions in catering from 2 Entrees to 1, no appetizers, etc...) But then again, this is a friggin Luxury Yacht and Open Bar, with 6+ months for y'all to save a few bucks - You got this!

Parking: I've been in communication with the Yacht Rental Company, and they have a paid parking lot behind the vessel's dock. Price per vehicle is between $8-10 depending on day of week. It's recommended to carpool.

RSVP'ing: This part is gonna be really important - The sooner we get the reservation in for the Yacht, the better chances we have at getting the time and day we are looking for. So the sooner we get an accurate count in this Pre-RSVP Count, the sooner I can create the Eventbrite details to have everyone pre-pay to put the deposit/payment in for reservation. Don't delay or put this part off! This is gonna make or break our plans! *Let's have a goal of having everyone RSVP + Pay before February 1st.*

Who is Invited: I'm a biker and I'm creating this event for bikers. With that said, a request for a Biker's wife to join asked the other day, and I think that's a good idea! So if you are a biker and have a spouse/GF/BF that you'd like to include, that's cool! Just make sure you RSVP and pay the right amount during the Event Checkout AND include the RSVP count here too! (Accurate Count, remember?!) Other than that - please only RSVP if you're a biker.

Other FAQs: This is a rental Luxury Yacht. I have to sign an agreement making me responsible for my guests. I'm all about having fun and alcohol and good times - but please respect the Captain, their Crew, and their Yacht. We are all adults, entitled to having fun - but let's look out for each other! Ya know, tap that "helmet" if you see "a cop," per-se. In other words, let's have fun without excessive stupid. :)

And with all that said, if ~$250 is keeping you on the fence for this Yacht Party, you have my word that if you don't have a good time and enjoy yourself, I will personally give you a 100% refund - don't abuse that offer, though.

Stay tuned folks! Ride Safe in meantime!

Your fellow biker,
Ron Kealey.

Attending: 36

Marina Del Ray Dock 4701 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Marina Del RayCA  90292