Ride to Baja California, Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village Saturday, March 30, 2019 10:00 AM

The San Diego Sportbike Meetup Group

Due to Popular Demand! Join us for our Annual now Bi-Annual ride to Puerto Nuevo Baja, CA Mexico ride. We've been doing this ride without incident since 2011.

This ride is also listed in SoCal Riders meetup group to join us.

Full gear Hwy riding at moderate/easy pace (nothing is off road). Please have your bike maintained before riding on this trip. Would hate for you to have a breakdown in Mexico.

Please READ everything, as I've Included very detailed information about this ride. **There are 3 Meetup/Pickup Locations so please scroll down for all the info**

Puerto Nuevo, the self-described "Lobster Capital of Baja", where you can choose from dozens of restaurants serving up langostas. Pan-fried lobsters (or steamed). According to tradition, 2-3 lobster tails are served with beans, rice and homemade flour tortillas served on the side and a traditional Margarita all for under $20 U.S. dollars! Puerto Nuevo is home to over 30 restaurants all serving the same thing.

Mexico Lobster in Puerto Nuevo Baja California is a long-standing tradition for those visiting from the states and is just a short 15 minute drive continued South from Rosarito (on the toll road). Lot's of tourist visit this place for its famous lobster dining as well as local shopping experiences. Yes, you will need your passport ! (or 2 forms of ID like state issued DL & copy of birth certificate or naturalization certificate or resident alien card, heck even a recently expired USA passport will work along with your current state issued drivers license)

Everything you see here is served fresh for each individual person... Lot's of food!

(The lobster special is $20 per person including tip. No credit cards accepted. Yes, they do have a regular full menu with other food items)

This pic is at my favorite restaurant in Puerto Nuevo. It overlooks the ocean with its beaches and you can occasionally spot dolphins or whales. Also be serenaded by roaming bands playing Mexican music.

Kick Stands up @ 10:15 am. Should be a leisurely FWY drive depending on traffic conditions we should arrive to Puerto Nuevo for lunch before 1:00pm. Time in Puerto Nuevo about 2-3hrs. then head back home. We all should be back home before dark (unless you want to stay behind on your own). We can zig zag right up to the front of the border/customs (15-20mins).

There will be at least two toll booths one in Tijuana and one in Rosarito (coming and going). Each cost $1.20 to pass per Bike ($2.45 per automobile). Please have your US dollar(s) and quarters ready for the toll fee (no pennies).

**We have three pickup/meetup locations for this ride.

The first one will be in Temecula as originally planned at the Arco AM/PM station off Winchester & Jefferson leaving @ 10:15am and the

2nd location will be at the 9790 Miramar Rd., San Diego off the 15 fwy/Miramar Rd exit at about 11:00. Leaving that spot with kick-stands up no later than 11:15am.

3rd location exiting before entering Tijuana at Via De San Ysidro which we will be stopping @ Chevron fuel station (the one next to Denny's) for gas and go across the street for those wishing to purchase Mexican/Baja Insurance before entering Mexico by 12:00 pm.

So if You miss us on the first two planned meetup locations please be at the Chevron station off Via De San Ysidro no later than 11:45am which is the the exit before the last USA exit into Tijuana. We will also have a five minute safety briefing before entering Tijuana Mexico to answer any last minute questions.

Road conditions are great on the toll roads. However, when we pull off the toll road to get onto the free road right after Rosarito Beach, the road is very rough and has many potholes (also beware of ongoing construction and the lack of exits and confusing sign posts) We will have one fuel stop prior to entering Baja Mexico which should be plenty to get into Puerto Nuevo and out of Baja Mexico.

FYI:Bring extra cash for parking, gifts or Tequila to take home! (liquor allowed one bottles duty free) FYI: Don't bring anything larger than a $20 bill. You will need singles and fives and shouldn't carry more than $100 for this trip. Plan on spending $70 which would include basic food, tolls, gas, parking & ins.

Please check with your own insurance carrier as many premium carriers provide automatic Baja Mexico Insurance coverage within 60 miles of border crossing. Puerto Nuevo is only 30 miles from the border. Cost of insurance shouldn't be more than $25 and yes you can purchase it when we stop to gas up.. there's a Mexican Insurance agency across the street. Here's the link if you want to purchase Baja Mexico Insurance online ahead of time: http://www.bajabound.com/

Once in Puerto Nuevo there's about 30 restaurants all serving the same menu around the same prices. Hang-out w/a small group that knows a good place. Parking can be difficult but there's secured parking & plenty of spaces. Puerto Nuevo is about a 1/4 mile square so no one will get lost walking around a few square blocks. As this is a widely known tourist place and is very safe.

We will be leaving Puerto Nuevo around 4:00pm heading back to the border. Please be aware although you may zig-zag your way to the front of the line.. you may not be more than 2 bikes deep at a time. Just don't clump or otherwise it has been known that you may be asked to go to end of the line which could be a 2hr wait. Be patient it may take 20-30mins to cross back into USA.

I suggest when we get to the last stop before entering Tijuana we split the group with riders in the front half consisting of newbies to Puerto Nuevo and the second half with riders that know the way (route). I don't won't to loose a newbie in Mexico. This will help with making sure everyone makes it through. The biggest obstacle in driving across into Tijuana is the GREEN or RED inspection signals. Green means don't stop, but if you get a Red that means you may be asked to pull over for an inspection. The inspection will consist of you showing your Registration and matching it with the VIN number on your bike. So everyone please make sure you have a copy of your motorcycle registration. I estimate about 1 out of 10 will be asked to pull over for a very brief inspection upon entering Mexico. The rest of the group will ride ahead a short safe distance of a few yards and try to wait for everyone to cross the border.

Please watch this short 8 minute YouTube video from our ride:


Emergency Telephone Numbers

Tourist Assistance: 078

Municipal Police: 066

American Consulate:[masked] (San Diego)

American Consulate:[masked] (Tijuana)

DISCLAIMER: By participating in this event you hereby agree to assume all risks and liability related to or resulting from this group function without regard to negligence. You agree that neither you nor any third party will hold the group's Organizer or any of the group's Assistant Organizers liable for any injury, loss, or damage to your own person or property arising directly or as a consequence from a group activity. You also agree that your membership of this group is based on an "at will" basis. See terms of service 6,6.1,6.2

Attending: 5

Arco AM/PM 41555 Winchester Road TemeculaCA  92590