9-11 Outreach (HB Pier) Sunday, March 10, 2019 3:00 PM

Orange County 9/11 Truth

Please join us as we enlighten people about the overarching importance of 9/11 Truth, as it demonstrates a level of obfuscation like no other political controversy.

People come to us with all the possible degrees of 9/11 awareness, from the very few who have never heard of the existence of dissenting voices to the very few who know that 9/11 Truth is the only way to solve all grand and small conspiracies against humanity. An open-ended question like "may I ask you how much do you know about 9/11?" is often a good starter, as it allows you to tailor your educational effort to their level of understanding.

Every now and then someone verbally berates us for being ignorant or worse. Try to avoid feeding an argument. Heckling has been rare but has happened. In such a case, call the others to defuse the tension.

Find samples of flyers you can print to distribute in our files section located here; http://www.oc911truth.com/files/. Please make an effort to distribute only information that is primarily related to 9/11. Avoid promoting alleged conspiracies against humanity (ChemTrails, Federal Reserve, GMO, etc.) other than 9/11 or alleged conspiracies directly connected to it (like other alleged false flags). Do not promote any wedge issue (abortion/fetus rights, gun rights/control, Climate Change as a danger/hoax, etc.).

You might want to bring water, a hat, sunscreen and a camera.

Attending: 5

Huntington Beach Pier 100 main Street Huntington BeachCA  92648