Simi / Las Llajas Saturday, May 25, 2019 7:00 PM

Shepherd Church Mountain Biking Club

By riding with the Shepherd Church Mountain Bike Club I understand and accept the following:

? I understand that mountain biking can be dangerous and accidents can result in either injury or death.

? I understand that it is my responsibility to determine if my riding skills match the difficulty of the trail we are riding on.

? I understand that ride schedulers accept no responsibility for my safety on any ride, and that I undertake any ride knowing that I and I alone am responsible for my safety on the ride.

Ride Description: Multiple options for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced riders as noted below on the Strava links.
We typically divide into three groups on any given ride:

Genesis: our beginner group. Everyone was new to mountain biking once, so don't fret, we'll have you Gospel-ready in no time. Genesis is a NO DROP group.

Gospels: Intermediates to more casual advanced riders in this group. If you're on a Most-Wanted list, avoid this group as they will take and post online an average of 50 pictures a ride. The Gospels are a NO DROP group and usually go the same route as Revelations but at a more leisurely pace.

Revelations: our A group. Fire, fury, and mayhem. Most of these guys and gals are either on competitive teams, or were, and riding with them will be a sweat-pouring, cardio-pushing, speed & tech fest that will leave advanced riders grinning ear to ear. Revelations is a DROP group, meaning you have to keep up AND not get lost if you can't.

We'll head south from the parking area and take a right on Broken Arrow Street, which dead ends into the North Ridge Trail. This trail starts with a climb west and then north toward the trailhead at Evening Sky for Las Llajas. The Genesis group will likely head up Las Llajas, but the other groups will take the Chivo to Mar Ranch route for an extra loop.
The climb up Seashells is tough, but the view is worth it. From there, you'll make a decision to either turn around and zoom down the fireroad OR continue up Rocky Peak Rd to the Chumash trail and the 2 mile, technical single track downhill of the Chumash trail and ending at Flanagan Dr. Strava Chumash Option (Advanced):

What to Bring:

• Helmet (mandatory)

• Water (in bike cage and/or in your back pack)

• Snacks for energy

• Extra bike tube and patch kit

• Bike Pump

• Apparel appropriate for trail riding

• Protective eyewear

• Sun screen

• Multi-tools, etc. for mechanical issues

• 2-way radio if you have one (will select channel before ride)

– Please post comments or contact the ride hosts if you have any other questions or concerns about this ride.

Newcomer Recommendations (cont.):

• Continue training throughout the week in order to build up strength and riding skills.

• Attend the CORBA (The Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association) Free Mountain Bike Skills Clinics, held the 1st Saturday of each month;

"Although the Shepherd Church MTB Club in not affiliated with CORBA some or our riders have benefited immensely from the free training they provide. You can visit the CORBA website here: http:// and join their MeetUp Group Here: http://

Attending: 3

Broken Arrow and Flanagan Dr. 3059 Flanagan Dr Simi Valleyca  93063