Beacon Coffee Exploration in Ventura: 8 Person Max Saturday, May 25, 2019 9:00 AM

Ventura Coffee & More Meetup


PLEASE BRING $12 PER PERSON TO PAY FOR YOUR SPOT (I already paid for everyone in advance to book for our group)

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF TIME TO 9 AM :O hellish early for a weekend but at least there will be coffee

There’s an 8 person max here. Sorry, if we are already at 8 people, I cannot add you. If it’s good though, we can do it again.

Per Beacon:
“The class runs for a minimum of an hour, but often extends based on the depth of the Q&A session toward the end of class. We will taste three coffees, exploring their origin story, processing method and our relationship with the milling partner and/or producer of the coffees. The class takes place on our production floor in Ventura surrounded by our roasting equipment and green coffee.”

~ Per Beacon, class is limited to 7 participants ~ but we got them to stretch it to 8.
~ Please see the group email I sent out on this and bring $12 per person at the time of the event. I will pay for the group to reserve our spot in advance, as Beacon requires.
~ Please update your RSVPs if the change of date or other issues render you unable to attend. That way, we can open it up to fellow members who may be interested.

Attending: 8

Beacon Coffee Company, Inc. 5777 Olivas Park Dr r VenturaCA  93003