Apocalypse 47: The End Begins - Sokal's Most Wanted Friday, May 24, 2019 7:00 PM

Apocalypse 47

Sokal is a tough place. But you're tougher... Or at least you thought so. Now, you're not so sure. You were doing fine, or at least as fine as the unrelenting hardship of the Wastes permits, until you were bush whacked by the Atom Bombz. Thrown into one of their numerous slave caravans heading for their home base, the dreaded Trinity Base. You know you need to escape. No one knows why the Atom Bombz need so many slaves but it can't be good for you. No one has escaped from Trinity and lived to tell the tale so your only hope is to get out before you get there. But you look around at your fellow captives.... and what a bunch of fucking losers. Maybe, just maybe you can work together and save yourselves.

Attending: 23

37112 Adams Trail 37112 Adams Trail Frazier ParkCA  93225