Monthly Membership Meeting Saturday, June 08, 2019 12:00 PM

Conejo Valley Writers

“Read, Edit & Critique”


12:00-12:30: Optional - Bring your "brown bag lunch" (or Tupperware, etc.) and get to meet and chat with fellow writers, at this informal social time.

12:30- General Meeting Begins

Our entire meeting will be dedicated to review & critique!
Here’s how it will work:
Have one of your writing pieces evaluated in a small group setting. If you wish to share, please bring a minimum of 6 (or more copies) of your work.
(1,500 word max, Ariel or TNRoman, 12 font, 1½-2” spacing, 1" margins)
Round #1: Group members will read each piece, silently, and make edits on the paper.
Round #2: Time will then be spent in oral review of highlights of the notes made on the paper = verbal critique/explanation.
Round #3: Select works will be read aloud to the whole group for additional verbal input- time permitting
- If you don't bring a piece to share, you can practice your editing skills and offer constructive critique.

2:30 Meeting Concludes

Attending: 6

Goebel Senior Adult Center 1385 E Janss Rd Thousand OaksCA  91362