Mount Whitney June 21st Yes. You read that correctly!! Your Bucket List awaits Friday, June 21, 2019 1:00 AM

Backpackers Anonymous - Salt Lake City, Utah

This is on your bucket list.

So it's time to do it!!

THIS event is for those wishing to HIKE UP WHITNEY.

We entered the Lottery for permits and received 15. Yaaaayyy!!!!

Our permit is for Fri June 21st.

This trip is not for speed. And not meant to push hard. It is meant to give the least stress and least likely to have altitude sickness occur. Safety is the main priority.

The Plan: Arrive Thurs June 20th in the evening.
Fri Early Early Early AM up the hill. (or even at 11PM on Thurs)

For a Dayhike, . . . 7 to 8 hours is considered moderate time for full summit and decent, with 10 hours considered slower. Or even 12

This is intended as Whitney for regular people. Some level of fitness will be required though. So you need to be fit but not a total backpacker or hiker.

We will go slow and easy. Nobody is left behind. And if there are issues still . . nobody is left behind. If one person can not continue people will accompany them down the hill. This is not a fend for yourself hike or a fend for yourself group.

This is for fun and community. Not for bragging rights.

At this time of year there will still be snow at the upper elevations.

Whitney is a place that is on everybody's bucket list.
Let's have some stats: Whitney is the tallest location in the Continental US.
Summit 14,505
Trail-head is 8,374
Total elevation change 6,131 ft (a mile is 5280 ft)
Total distance 22 miles.
That's 11 miles uphill in. And 11 miles back out.

We will have a group campsite in Whitney Portal Campground for when we come down. It is booked from Friday, Sat and Sun night.

Cost: $180.00
This event requires a significant amount of planning, leading and execution. And prepayment of campsites and etc.
Yes. Our normal campsite events run about $75 for 2 night and $85 for 3 night. This event is substantially more rare and more difficult to arrange and coordinate. If you do not wish the opportunity to join our group for this reason you do have the option to pass.

Your RSVP shows "interest" in the event. ONLY payment will secure your spot.
To Secure your place:
Venmo to @IWantToDoThat

Space is limited. So do NOT delay.

Refunds: Refunds will be given up to Two (2) Weeks before the event start date. Less than two weeks refunds will be given only if a replacement is found from the wait list.

Equipment and Food: You will be responsible to bring your own gear and food however much guidance will be given on what is needed and how to prepare.

Liability: We are a group of friends. This is being led as a collaborative effort. In the end you will be responsible for yourself.

Guarantees: There is no guarantee you will summit on this trip. You will have the opportunity to. If safety concerns override: you will not summit. Make good choices!!! This event is not a "summit at all costs" event. This event is challenging yourself to your limits but NOT beyond them. We will all work together to be safe.

Carpools: Yes. We will try an do that. Carpool matrix will go out one week before the event.

Q: I don't have hardcore outdoor mountaineer type ultra lightweight gear.
A: You do not need super pro gear. You just need to be prepared. Packing and equipment, and what food to bring coaching will be given.

Q: What about food and cooking?
A: We will have only prepared or non-heating needed food. So there will be no stove or fuel needed for add'l weight. Lots of bars, and jerky and etc. So High Carb, and High Fat, and High Protein food will be carried.

Q: Can this be done as an overnight instead of Day Hike?
A: Message me about that.

Finer details: If you see lots of RSVP's this does not mean all have paid. When it fills Payment Links will be removed. This will be without warning and all unpaid rsvp's will then be moved to wait list.

After Payment: discussion will be had as to your fitness level.
Less fit persons are OK. There is possibility of not summiting

Attending: 4

Whitney Portal Campground Whitney Portal Rd Lone PineCA  93545