Humanist Dinner at Thousand Oaks - Brendan's Pub Sunday, June 09, 2019 6:30 PM

Humanist Community of Ventura County

"Sapere aude"!*
We will have a monthly gathering to be with friends. We are here to support Secular Values of free inquiry, democratic values, critical thinking, logic and reasoning, and the scientific method.
We recently changed from Fridays to Sunday evenings but may change to avoid holidays. It rotates around the county so it could be Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Ventura, etc.. But don't wait till it comes to your area, or you'll miss meeting some really fun people outside your bubble!
*Sapere aude is the Latin phrase meaning “Dare to know”; and also is loosely translated as “Dare to be wise”, or even more loosely as "Dare to think for yourself!" It is the motto for the entire period of the Enlightenment, and Kant used it to develop his theories of the application of reason in the public sphere of human affairs. Today those concepts seem to be considered "Far Left Liberal"!

• What to bring: Your appetite for food & and social gathering where thoughts, passions and concerns are there to share.
If you want to bring a friend or family member, they are welcomed too!

• Important to know: This is a safe place to discuss any topic relating to politics, religion, taboos, society in general or recent news. It is a night of "free inquiry" and open discussion.
If you are having difficulty with a dilemma or looking articulate a viewpoint, we are there for you.

Attending: 4

Brendan's Irish Pub & Restaurant 495 N Ventu Park Rd Newbury ParkCA  91320