Tuning In to the Healing Stream- Guided Meditation Saturday, May 18, 2019 10:30 AM

Conscious Connection SLO

There is an Energy, a Grace, a Natural Healing Force available to everyone.

This Energy, can bring peace to a troubled mind, mend a broken heart and actually heal the body.

At this gathering, I will lead us through the simple practice of absorbing this Natural Healing Energy.

Through this practice, I, and 100's of thousands of people have experienced "miraculous" spontaneous physical healings.

Many people report that this practice gives them the easiest experience of a Direct Connection with the Divine.

Not only does this practice Heal, It awakens dormant spiritual capacities and ultimately leads to Self-Realization.....

All this, plus if feels REALLY GOOD!

In our time together, you'll learn
~How to Receive This Energy for yourself
~How to receive This Energy so you can help others
~Learn a simple model around Energy as a basic human need/nutrient, resource and support.
-Hear stories of "miraculous" healings of myself and others who have used this method

This gathering will be a combination of talking and silent practice times.

By the end of this gathering you will have all the knowledge you need to practice this on your own, for your own healing and awakening.

Sat May 18th 10:30am
Location: 654 Islay St, SLO
Or you can join remotely online at: https://login.myownmeeting.com/conference,healingandawakeningsessions

For more information about this work, please see: https://www.thehealingstream.org/

Cost: Voluntary Love Offering (meaning if you feel moved to give something, please do)



Attending: 4

654 Islay St 654 Islay St San Luis ObispoCA  93401