Relationship Foundations - Love Actually Thursday, August 01, 2019 6:45 PM

Conscious Relationships (for healing and growth)

We are a DROP-IN group for ANY individual, designed to support and inspire those looking to love more meaningfully in their most important relationships. For many, this refers to a significant other, but relationships with siblings, parents, children and colleagues all fall under the same spiritual laws.
This group is composed couples together over thirty years, professionals, care-givers, single parents, those who are dating and those not yet in relationship. People are often surprised that over 1/3 of the group is single or attending without their partner. It is warm, funny and inspiring.

We begin with a grounding, proceed to lecture and discussion, and conclude with an integrating meditation. Clients report:

--Feeling inspired to ‘do love’ differently
--Getting answers they never heard before
--Removing blocks to trust and intimacy in all important relationships
--Being able to laugh light heartedly at the complexities of love
--Seeing their current or future partner or children in a new light

Attending: 3

9672 Via Excelencia 9672 Via Excelencia San DiegoCA  92126