Burbank Cashflow Meetup Event Tuesday, September 17, 2019 6:30 PM

The Burbank Cash flow Meetup Group


Please make a note that ALL FUTURE EVENTS will be held at Dupar's Restaurant in Pasadena at 214 S Lake Ave · Pasadena, CA. Come join us for our next monthly event. We wil be playing both CASHFLOW® 101 and 202. For those who have not played it, CASHFLOW® 202 teaches those more experienced players advanced business and investing techniques used by technical investors by adding volatility to the game. It teaches the investment techniques of "short-selling stock", "put-options", "call-options", "straddles" and real estate exchanges.

By playing the Cashflow boardgames, we can begin to truly learn how the money game is played and begin to change our thinking about what actions we need to take in order to truly be financially free. If you desire to promote your business, network with like minded individuals and learn the skills for building the passive income streams you desire, this is your group.

Who's Leading the Cashflow Games?

Douglas Carver, Club Co-organizer
Doug leads Cashflow 101. As an active local Realtor (www.dougcarver.com) and real estate investor (www.Cash4SocalHomes.com), he loves helping people achieve their real estate goals whether it be buying, selling or investing.

Chris Hanson, Club Co-organizer
Chris leads Cashflow 202. He left his corporate job in 2002 to trade his own money full-time. Over the years, enough people kept saying, "show me how", so he developed "Profits On Wall Street". It's an educational firm specializing in teaching investors how to trade stocks and options. Learn more about him at www.ProfitsOnWallStreet.com

95% of achieving & maintaining time freedom is about the "how to think"...only about 5% is about the "how to do". He hosts a podcast called Investing From The Beach, where he discusses the "How to Think" aspects of achieving time freedom. The show can be found on iTunes or at www.InvestingFromTheBeach.com

While the event is FREE, we do ask that you order dinner at the restaurant. A typical dinner entree and a drink will cost about $15. So come with an open mind and an empty stomach.

I look forward to seeing you at this month's event.


Attending: 6

Du-par's Restaurant & Bakery 214 S Lake Ave PasadenaCA  91101