One Arts Avenue


One Arts Avenue is a locally oriented social network, providing a powerful source of news about the Arts Scene in your Community and Region

Our exclusive technology provides a vibrant, comprehensive, and up-to-date newsfeed about local communities and organizations. 

  • Businesses
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Local Government Organizations 
  • Community Boosters
  • Community Groups

Endorse Endorse Endorse! 

Calling all Civic-Minded People!

Endorse locally owned businesses and local organizations in your area (only available in the United States at the moment). Endorsed organizations are automatically plugged into the One Arts Avenue / Pin Boulevard network for greater visibility.

Help local businesses in their stuggle with corporate competitors in ways that competitors cannot match—locally and personally. 

What Does an Endorsement Do? 

  • Registers the endorsed organizatoin in the One Arts Avenue / Pin Boulevard network. 
  • The organization's Facebook posts can be picked up by the network to give it added free visibility. 
  • Communities with fifteen or more enorsements of organizations with active Facebook pages, each endorsed by five or more peope, are eligible for a Pin Boulevard Community Socialplex. Examples: On the Web On Twitter On Facebook

What is Required?

  • Organizations must be endorsed by real people using their real names, requiring a One Arts Avenue ( Pin Boulevard ) account under the endorser's real name. 
  • Endorser's names (but no other information) will be visible to those who visit an endorsed organizatoin's web page on a Pin Boulevard site.  
  • Organizations must be either local or regional. 

Endorse local organizations here

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