The London Telegraph's list of 100 most beautiful cars: #25
Ferrari 330 P4Del Stewart

The Ferrari 330 P4: One Hundred Most Beautiful Cars of History, 25 (Click for Info). The London Telegraph 100 Most Beautiful Cars of History, number 25 the Ferrari 330 P4. 

Ok, so this is a race car, and fine they're including race cars.  It's not my list, it's the Telegraph's, and they didn't stipulate the cars had to be street legal.  But there were only three P4's and one P 3/4 built.  That's getting close to being a prototype or concept. This puts a bit of a damper on getting you many, many photos because they are few and far between. 

It's beauty is unmistakable, though, and as the video shows, it is simply spit and fury encased in red metal.