1951 GM Le SabreDel Stewart

1951 GM Le Sabre Concept was a Harley Earl creation and had a powerful influence on car design within GM and for its competitors as well.  From rain-sensing automatic top to disappearing headlights (continuing his exploration of this idea from his 1938 Y-job Concept, to fins as a design element, to dagmars (those pointy things above the bumper), this car was prototype.  Not for headlight placement, though, that makes it look kinda buck-toothed.  Full story on Wiki here.

Buick would use the Le Sabre name starting in 1959, and very quickly morphed into one of those giant barge cars, almost square, inexplicably so popular in the 60's and 70's. 

Also, if you look at the picture of the open trunk, I swear I can see a flux capacitor behind the spare.