The Flagship: 7 Series (760Li)Del Stewart

The 7 Series has been BMW's flagship since the late 80's (I owned an '88 and now own a '98).  Almost disappointing to drive because you expect them to feel as big as they are, when they feel like a gocart.  

2015 BMW 7 Series New for 2015 Model Year Info... 

BMW 740Ld xDrive with BMW Advanced Diesel
As of March production, the BMW 7 Series becomes the latest US model line to benefit from BMW Advanced Diesel technology with the all-new 740Ld xDrive Sedan, launching as a model year 2015 addition to the line up. This model features BMW’s N57 TU 3.0-liter 6-cylinderTwinPower Turbo diesel engine in the long-wheelbase 7 Series with xDrive. It made its US debut at the Chicago Auto Show in February 2014.
Based on the product configuration of its 740Li xDrive counterpart, this diesel version offers a similar level of standard equipment but has its own unique attributes:

  • BMW TwinPower Turbo technology with VTG (Variable Turbine Technology)
  • Maximum power output 255 HP @ 4000 rpm
  • A single turbocharger with variable vane turbine technology results in increased maximum torque output of 413 lb/ftbetween 1500 and 3000 rpm.
  • 0 to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds
  • The latest common rail high-precision diesel injection system contributes to a significant fuel efficiency advantageand reduction in emissions vs. the 740Li xDrive
  • Exhaust-gas treatment system is specifically designed to comply with ULEV II emission standards

Changes to the standard equipment:

  • 6NH Hands-free Bluetooth and USB audio connection are now standard
  • 6AK BMW Online and BMW Apps are now standard
  • Leather Dasboard (4ND) is now standard on 750i, 750iL, 750i xDrive and 750iL xDrive models. It was already standard on the ALPINA B7 models and the 760Li.
  • Full LED Lights (552) and Automatic high beams (5AC) are now standard on 750i, 750iL, 750i xDrive and 750iL xDrive models, as well as on all ALPINA B7 models. It was already standard on the 760Li.
  • 6NS ‘Enhanced USB and Bluetooth plus Smartphone Integration’ is no longer standard because the Bluetooth audio streaming functionality moves to a new standard option (6NH ‘Hands-free Bluetooth and USB Audio Connection’).  The remaining functionality of 6NS is now a standalone option for $500.

Lines, Packages and Option changes:
The M Sport Edition (ZMS) continues for MY15. Due to the additional standard equipment on 750i, 750iL, 750i xDrive and 750iL xDrive, this equipment has been removed from the Lines and packages where it was previously offered.

  • Paint options B38 Midnight Blue, B40 Liquid Blue (ActiveHybrid 7), and A84 Milano Beige have been eliminated
  • 6NS is available as a standalone option for $500
  • The price of 6UK Night Vision has been lowered from $2,600 to $2,300
  • 552 Full LED Lights have been removed as a standalone option for ALPINA B7 models, as LED Lights are now standard on V8 models (already standard on V12 models).
  • 248 Heated steering wheel when turned on, there will be a new symbol shown in the instrument cluster to make it clear the feature is activated.
  • Addition of a demo mode demo mode for Head Up Display.
  • The new19” wheel upgrade that was introduced on the 740Ld xDrive for $1,300 is now available for the rest of the 740 models. 2H5 ‘19” multi-spoke wheel style 458’ will replace the 19” wheel option 2H1.
  • A new 19” ALPINA DYNAMIC wheel (927) with all-season tires is now available as a no-cost option on ALPINA B7 models. If ordered, this wheel lowers the maximum speed of the vehicle to 130 mph.

BMW 7 Series Pricing (including $950 Destination and Handling):

740i $74,950
750i $88,250
750i xDrive $91,250
740Li $78,950
740Li xDrive $81,950
740Li xDrive $83,450
750Li $91,950
750Li xDrive $94,950
760Li $142,150
ActiveHybrid 7 $85,250
ALPINA B7 SWB $129,250
ALPINA B7 SWB xDrive $132,250
ALPINA B7 LWB $133,150
ALPINA B7 LWB xDrive $136,150