The London Telegraph's list of 100 most beautiful cars: #2
Citroën DSDel Stewart

Citroën DS: 100 Most Beautiful Cars, 2 (Click for Info). The London Telegraph 100 Most Beautiful cars of history, the Citroën DS. 

Ok, points for putting a family car near the top of the 100 most beautiful cars.  I'm not saying it's not unique. And outlandish and cool at the same time which only Citroën can pull off. And even beautiful. But the second most beautiful car of all of history? All of history?  

Especially to many of us Americans who never saw very many on our roads, it looks like some cartoon amphibian wearing a baseball cap.  C'est la vie. We Americans should take this as a confirmation that the automotive outside world can be very different from what we're used to. 

The model went through three iterations, the 19, the 21 and the 23.  All had cabriolet versions as well. In addition, I've included some specialized versions such as a 1960's rolling office called the Prestige.