100 Other Beautiful Cars: #96
Cadillac V16Del Stewart

Cadillac V16: 100 Other Beautiful Cars (Click for Info). 100 Most Beautiful Cars not on the Telegraph's 100 Most Beautiful Cars of History List. 96,  the Cadillac V16 (pictured form 1930).  

Never has excessive opulence looked so good.  Notice the speedometer for the back seat passengers so one could yell snootily at the chauffeur "faster!" or "slower!"

Probably "faster!" 

V16 Engine.  Imagine!  Two inline eight cylinder engines stuck together at an angle.  More for smoothness than power, the V16 was a pretty rare beast in any car, and only 4076 of these cars were made in the entire eleven years they were produced, from 1930 to 1941. 

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