100 Other Beautiful Cars: #87
Buick Riviera (1967)Del Stewart

My parents had one of these when I was growing up. They bought it before I was old enough to start really appreciating cars and so I came of age not really appreciating just how unique this vehicle was. I stipulate 1967 Buick Riviera here because the styling really did change and make each year pretty different from the others.  The '67 was better than the '66 and things went downhill, although slowly, from there (some of the photos are 1966 model).  In 1976 they traded it in on a new Riviera, which was a giant shoebox with wheels and a hood ornament.  By then I had begun to realize just how impressive this car was, and scheemed mightily to somehow buy it from my dad, but being 15 and short on cash I had to watch it disappear and be replaced by that chunk of car. 

The blue one pictured in the story and below was on sale at a local classic car dealer recently. Had to work to keep my hand away form my wallet.