100 Other Beautiful Cars: #85
BMW 7 Series E38Del Stewart

Full Disclosure: This is the car I drive.  With almost 140K miles on it, leaking power steering fluid all over the garage because it will cost more to fix it than the car is worth, I love this car irrationally.  Planted, solid, secure; it is the preferred method of scaring the wits out of back seat passengers and keeping them comfortable with miles of legroom at the same time.  

Top 100 most beautiful?  Maybe, maybe not. I will submit that this the pinnacle of design for large four seaters (saloons, as the Brits say, as if there's a wetbar in there somewhere). With the constraint of making the back seat passengers comfortable while actually not scaring them as you drive, er um, quickly up a mountain road, its demensions are perfect, it does not try to impress, it does not look like any other car on the road. No 7 series and in my opinion no BMW since has been as beautiulf.  But then again, I am biased.  Talk to me again when I have a knot on my head from slipping in the power steering.  Fun fact: it uses automatic transmission fluid as power steering fluid. Maybe not so fun, but a fact nonetheless.