100 Other Beautiful Cars: #67
1953 FIAT 8V SupersonicDel Stewart

100 Other Most Beautiful Cars of History not on the London Telegraph's 100 Most Beautiful Cars of History, Number 66

I almost didn't count this car as eligible because only 8 were made, but more were planned.  Production stopped at 8 because of "mechanical difficulties," so I figured it wouldn't be counted as a concept car or a prototype because it wasn't meant to be that, although it was custom built. 

When the Telegraph made its list, it included the 130 Coupé for FIAT, which is a very nice looking car, especially for its time. But the 8V Supersonic was a car that was tears-wellin-up gorgeous and reportedly went on to be the design foundation for important Jaguars and Aston Martins. I wouldn't only count it in the top 100, but pretty close to the top.  

One sold recently for $1.5 million.  A FIAT!